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The History of WebRAD

WebRAD is an open source development project initiated by ObjectMastery based in Melbourne, Australia.

The goal of the project is to provide web functionality using the Delphi RAD environment. This functionality is provided by a package of components that can be integrated into the Delphi environment. The components, once integrated, can then be used to create Web pages without the need of HTML coding. The components generate the necessary HTML without the user having to do so. The components are designed to operate on Windows and Linux platforms and are available for free download at SourceForge.

As part of their final year project, a group of Swinburne University students are working with ObjectMastery to enhance these components and add new functionality. This project is part of an ongoing relationship between ObjectMastery and Swinburne, and hopes to provide students with a real life software development experience where they can apply the knowledge they acquire in their course of study.

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